calum gunn
systems music and general-purpose programming // berlin, de.
runs conditional, a record label.
member of richard, co-runs co-dependent, performs as acrnym sometimes.
keywords: antagonistic synthesis, rave, generative rhythm, apophenia, live coding, midi, pareidolia, extreme ambience, computer music

upcoming live:
18th october 2018: west germany, berlin, de w/ peter seligman, bamboo
24th october 2018: loophole, berlin, de w/ renick bell, hlodver sigurdsson, nancy drone
27th october 2018: funkhaus, berlin, de w/ 65daysofstatic

bookings: calum [a] calumgunn [d] com

'code280' ep, digital, co-dependent, 22nd august 2018 (buy)
'a domino first' (gabber studies) ep, digital and physical, disformation, 27th june 2018 (buy)
'default 0011' ep, digital, SM-LL, 13th may 2018 (buy)
'code050' ep, digital, co-dependent, 9th may 2017 (buy)
'batch0007' album, 12" and digital, SM-LL, 1st may 2018 (buy)
'code666' album, digital, co-dependent, 28th november 2017 (buy)
'aa0003' single, digital, fluf, 22nd october 2017 (buy)
'pocket protection' ep by richard, cassette/digital, conditional, 16th october 2017 (buy)
'enders' ep, digital, das omen, 11th august 2017 (buy)
'clipe' album, cassette/digital, baba vanga, 15th december 2016 (buy)
'unorganised music' ep, tsuku boshi, 6th september 2016 (buy)
'slant deviations' split w/ sebastian camens, cassette, conditional, 23rd october 2015 (buy)
'baggy sheps' ep of rave shepard tones on bandcamp

game development:
brostep in the style of florian hecker, interactive environment for the release of the same name by rkss

previous live:
26th july 2018: norbergfestival, norberg, sweden
27th june 2018: mayhem, copenhagen w/ tuuun, nancy drone, mads kjeldgaard, GOHV, ein wald
28th april 2018: bozar, brussels, belgium
22nd march 2018: richard @ acud macht neu, berlin w/ daniel m karlsson, nancy drone, clara, dekj
17th march 2018: algorave takeover, bangface weekender
17th march 2018: acrnym @ bangface weekender (listen)
15th march 2018: access space, sheffield uk w/ spednar, miri kat, graham dunning, heavy lifting
29th september 2017: noize fabrik, berlin, w/ alexandra cardenas, miri kat, hlöðver sigurðsson, filip dragovic
28th september 2017: dj @ ohm, berlin w/ rkss, alexandra cardenas, johan östman,, benjamin shreves
16th september 2017: pierce studio, pittsburgh, usa w/ lil data, kindohm, blaerg, spednar
15th september 2017: acrnym @ cattivo, pittsburgh, usa w/ xanopticon
9th september 2017: rupert, vilnius, lithuania w/ rosen, renick bell
6th august 2017: ica, london w/ ewa justka, howlround, chloe frieda, cxlo
3rd august 2017: cafe oto, london w/ of habit, katz mulk
9th july 2017: blue dot festival, cheshire
3rd june 2017: archspace, london
16th may 2017: live on HAPPENED on 199 radio
13th may 2017: culture lab, newcastle
28th april 2017: open data institute, leeds
17th-23rd april 2017: residency at ems, stockholm
22nd april 2017: under bron, stockholm w/ maria w horn
19th march 2017: acrnym @ bangface weekender
17th march 2017: acrnym @ nijmegen, holland
3rd march 2017: the stag's head, hoxton, london w/ renick bell, flora yin-wong, cxlo
20th november 2016: texture, manchester
17th november 2016: amersham arms, london
14th october 2016: on tropical waste, nts radio (listen)
5th august 2016: new cross inn, london, w/ giant burger (audio)
28th may 2016: spazio rita, nagoya, japan
27th may 2016: forestlimit, tokyo, japan
20th may 2016: 'derivative works' at isea 2016, hong kong w/ renick bell, shelly knotts and yen tzu chang
9th april 2016: performing a/v 4-channel 'derivative works' at euler room, access space, sheffield (archived video)
30th march 2016: performing 'derivative works' at rye wax, peckham w/ ewa justka, rkss, daene law
18th december 2015: power lunches, london (listen)
19th november 2015: 'unorganised music' at nanahari, tokyo, japan w/ renick bell (audio)
7th november 2015: playback of 'anti-natural' at even salon, apiary studios, london
7th october 2015: power lunches, london w/ melge, dissent, ex people (audio)
18th september 2015: 'unorganised music' at secret london location
15th july 2015: 'unorganised music' at iclc, leeds wharf chambers (video)